The Ninth International Conference on the Dialogical Self (9th ICDS) will take place at the main campus of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), Al. Racławickie 14.

Two university buildings will serve as conference venues:

  1. CTW – The Knowledge Transfer Center (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy)
  2. CNCollegium Norvidianum.

Please refer to the map of the KUL main campus to find the CTW and CN buildings and acquaint yourselves with the events planned for each building.

CTW building (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy):

  • Reception (ground floor, room 56, across from the cloakroom) – see “R” on the map above
  • Opening session and closing ceremony (room 408)
  • Keynotes, symposia, paper sessions, topic groups, workshops (rooms: 102, 114, 203, 219, 220, 408)
  • Poster session (ground floor lounge)
  • Coffee breaks (1st floor lounge)

CN building (Collegium Norvidianum):

  • Lunches (ground floor lounge)
  • Welcome reception (ground floor lounge)

Internet Access

You can use your own devices to access the Internet using Wi-Fi. There are two options available:

  • The EDUROAM operates on the entirety of the KUL campus. You can use this option if you have your own credentials in the eduroam network.
  • For all 9th ICDS participants the wireless access point DC9 will be made available in CTW and CN buildings. To log on to the DC9 “hotspot” use the password: 9DialSelf
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